Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Legend Won A Pizza

Legend won a pizza from his school for reading or something.
So here we go to the pizza store to get the prize...
But the lady there said that she could not honor the certificate because we were in a Pizza Hut and not a Dominos Pizza.
My mistake.
So we try again...
Yep, this time we are definitely in Domino's Pizza...

After a short wait Legend got his pizza.
He shared a piece with Priya...
And ate the rest without using his hands...
Congratulations Legend! We are so proud.

Priya Plays The Guitar

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Thandi

Birthday Party

It was a joint party for Priya and her two cousins - Rennan and Cohen.

Birthday Cakes For Rennan and Cohen and Priya

This was suposed to be a robot.

Thandi Sleeps With Her Hands Up


Annabelle thinks this is mean.

Priya Eats A Cupcake