Saturday, June 13, 2009

Priya's Prayer

Priya's prayer was difficult to understand, but we were able to decipher the following: 

"Please bless no mouse will get in the house and no monsters...

A pillow for me and a pillow for Legend...

Bless us to be safe and healthy and fat" 


  1. If Joshy prayed for me to be fat, we'd probably have a time out and a talk.

    If you're kids have to pray for pillows, geeze, man, you guys have issues!

  2. Rennan prays that we can get a mouse. He wants one - and says we can make a little cage for it and everything. He said it can be a pet. Ummmm, I'd say that's a big fat NO! Priya's prayer is soooo cute! I think she prayed for me to be fat too much.

  3. For Pete's sake Matsby, give your kids pillows!